Limited Edition Soy Candles - 9oz

Limited Edition Soy Candles - 9oz

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We are all so busy these days that we have to remind ourselves to sit down and take a deep breath. What better way to unwind than by making a cup of coffee or tea and lighting a candle that evokes feelings of warmth & happiness. Our Dessert Candles are made from the highest quality ingredients and smell just like your favorite desserts.

- Bamboo Coconut

- Rosemary Sage

- Sea Mist

- Champagne Toast

- Black Tie

- Mahogany Teakwood

- Smoke Eliminator (Cotton)

- Sea Salt Orchard

- Eucalyptus Mint

- Lemongrass

- Vanilla Birch

All candles are made with lead free wicks and phosphate free fragrance oils.